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Exibição de alimentação Exibição de miniaturas
TobiIzu: I Want To Share My World With You!
Hyuuga Hinata: Fun Is Good!
Cancer Deathmask & Pisces Aphrodite: And It's Called Black Magic!
Haruno Sakura: I Am Beautiful With You.
Kaname x Sousuke: I Need You More Than You'll Ever Know.
Aries Shion & Mu: You Hold My Heart In Your Hands.
Hyuuga Hinata: DREAMS
Kaname x Sousuke: *Best Memories* Summer, Love And You.
Uchiha Madara: It's Hard To Wake Up To A NIGHTMARE!
Namikaze Minato: I Thought Perfection Is Not Existing And Then I Saw You.
Andromeda Shun: You - My Summer .... So Warm And So Beloved.