Every morning i watch the horses run in the open feild i watch them run and think and wonder. I wonder what its like to be free make ur own choices not havin any one make them for u after their gone and out of sight i walk into the barn and get to work. at twilight i got back out in the same spot against the barn doors and wait for them to come back and watch them run wtih then wind something always changes thought. Always a couple are mssing I decided to go and tell my mom and dad, charles and lisa grey my mom decided to go out looking fot them she jumped on lucky but b4 she went running she looked at me and my dad and waved us over. "be carfeul mom" i whispered trying to fightd back tears. it was painful to think that my mom was going out to where ever all of the horses disapeared to "i will" she said. she meant it but there was no promise inplies. "comeback" dad added with no hope "I love you mom" i whisperes how did i kno this could be the last time i see her "i love u... with all my heart" i chocked out. "i love u both with all of my heart ill see u later" she said with confidence i had none where did she get all this confidence? Then she reached down and hugged me and my dad then she and lucky ran and ina blink of an eye she was gone. the tears ended up rolling down my cheeks "bye" i breathed out. How long could she be gone? that didnt help calm me down the longest time poped in my head so i asked whats the wort that cam happen? i felt my lungs collapse and i was gasping for air and i fell. My dad picked me up trying to calm me. something felt strange to me what was it? i felt like someone or something was waching me feeling my worries and that it was going to try to protect my mom Then i thought impossiable but i felt something. My dad carried me to my room. I starred at the tv for a few minutes and then i was asleep. When i woke it was morning i looke at the clock "Crap" i said. it was 10! i ran down stairs to hug my mom and tell her sorry for not waiting i ran down and my dad was the only one there I immediatly thought of the worst thing "she didnt come back" i said more then questioned. He just shook his head i opened my mouth but nothing came out. "is she coming back" i managed to whisper "i dont know" the copes found lucky on the trail he had teeth marks in him like someone bit him. The cops cant find..." he was cut off when the phone ranf. I didnt need to hear the rest of the sentence to know what he was going to say i heard some sighs and oks but that was it until he said "thanks for tryingZ" and hung up. myy ears started ringing with the word trying did they find her? are they not able to find her? does she have teeth marks too? what happened? is she alive? all these questions started spining through my head "they found her... Dead though she had teeth marks too. the only spot with blood was where the bite marks were" he said and sighed. i thought threw every animal i knew but something came to me. Bite marks, blood in that one spot. Was it a vampire? no impossiable they dont exisit I put that thought out of my head It has to be a couincedence "so that means i cant home school u anymore carly. Your going to go to Tenessee high school down by Kellys house" my dad slipped in. My mouth fell open a real HIGH SCHOOL! was he out of his dad mind! I was not going to high school! "N... I cant... your insane... N... N... NO!" i stuttered out. "Carly grey! u are going to high school and ur going to like it" he demanded i knew i hit a nerve and imidietly regretted it . "sorry. Its just I..." he cutt me off "Carles its fine you dont have to say it" he camly said he sounded better now. SO when i opened my mouth i was careful "O... ok well when do i... start?" i could barley think about it. "Tomorrow i signed you up this morning because me and ur mom had been talking about u going to school so we can work better jobs and not have to worry about home schooling. Besides u will make a lot more firends" he tried to cover up when he brought up mom "oh" was all i could manage I walked to my room and shut the door and threw my pillow at the wall then grabbed another put it to my face and screamed. I dont think my dad heard mewhich was a good thing I layed down and watched tv. Reba was on. Soon enough i fell asleep Then i was woken by the sound of my alar, clock at fove o' clock in the morning. Today was the start oof high school. I looked through my closet found black skinny jeans but when they were on there was paint all over them. O well i thought and put on a black shirt. I grabbed my backpack and went to the kitchen my dad was already eating breakfest. "Been awhile since u've reall eaten anything carles why dont u have some eggs" my dad pointed to the plate on the table "Thanks" i said as i sta dow. when i was done i walked outside into the puring ran "CRAP!" i yelled amd then screamed. I heard laughing behind me and i turned to see my dad laughing at the fact that i hadnt relized it was raining when i stomped out of the house made. "here" my dad said in between laughing and threw me a coat. "very funny" i said sarcastically. "bye" he said still recovering from laughing. I drove to school soaking wet when i got there everyone looked at me. They all knew eachother and the cars people dirve in a school with *now* only 221 people. but they didnt knno me everyone started walking to the building as i got out of my car. I started walking and i slipped. What was the use of getting up> i stayed there in the ground -It was still pouring rain- and put my head between my knees and the tears came out of my eyes. "hello ma'am would u like help?" a kind voice asked. I lifted my head only to see a beautiful face. He was very pal plaer then the rest of us. He had deep gold eyes woth brown hair. He held his hand out to me. "um.. ya" i said and took his hand. He was freezing "your like freezing" i said he looked at me with embaressment or maybe guilt. "I dont feel cold" he shrugged. "oh" was all i came up with. "Whats ur name" he asked casually. "Carly grey" i said softley. "Hello carly im jake marx" he said very formally. "Welcome to the begining of ur school year" he said as we walked to class. "ya rite.. the begining" i said and sighed. We had the same class and i had to sit by him and half way through the class he said under his breathe "A new begining"~~~~~~~~ Thats the end of chapter one plz tell me wat u think
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it is amazing

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omg that is very long but i luv it sooo much

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great work!!

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