justin bieber luv story part 1

justin bieber luv story part 1
Olivia: *walks up to Justin`s locker* Hey Justin Justin; Hey Oliv. What`s up? Olivia: Nm *Bell rings* Justin: Oh gotta get to class, See ya later. Meet me after school we can walk home together. Olivia: Sure thing, See ya! Justin: *walks to class* Olivia`s thoughts: *Sigh* If only he knew how much I loved him Justin`s thoughts: *walking to class* If only she knew how much she meant to me *After classes* Justin: *walks up to Olivia* Hey AN: Okay from now on my name is Allie not Olivia. Sorry! Allie: Hey, What`s up?? Justin: nothin`,, Hey, I don`t wanna ruin our friendship or anything but do u wanna go see a movie or something. Allie: Really! Yeah Sure Justin: Cool,I`ll pick you up at 6:00 Allie`s POV: Yay, he finally asked me out, I`ve liked him for all these years! *After the movie* Allie and Justin: *walking home* Allie: *Can`t stop smiling* Justin: What? Allie: *stops walking* Nothing it`s just.... I really like you and I`m really happy that this is happening. Justin: I really like you too, Allie: *smiles* Justin: Your funny, pretty, smart . Allie: Thanks *Still not walking* *They look at eachother in the eyes* Justin`s thoughts: Wow she has gorgeous eyes. Allie`s thoughts: Wow he is sooooooo hotttt!!! Get a hold of yourself Allie! Sure he is smexxi but don`t do anything stupid! Allie: * Kisses him*
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