Trust Issue's Part 2: My Response

Trust Issue's Part 2: My Response
Wow! That's a really good question. Did I trust in V2K's message's. That's the most confusing part because sometimes, I got messages that guided me to the truth and took me off the path of being even more confused. Like one time I posted blogs online blingee about the 8 year anniversary of 9-11 and how people were killed. And I was electronically assaulted in my face and got a black eye which also went to the left eye which is swollen but not black. I also had a swollen hand and I went to school telling people I was bitten by a spider. Well, there was one guy there who was a perp and he played psychological games with me which let me know he followed me on Youtube. At the time, my account only had music on it and I simply watched "conspiracy theory" video's. Well, after chatting with him he left and I heard his voice say "she really thinks its voo doo". And for some reason it made me think of the person who I though was putting voo doo on me and I wonder if I was bitten by a spider because of her. At the time, I knew nothing about electronic harrassment. There have been times when I watched t.v or listened to the radio station and I knew that with Big Brother, Direct T.V and Blue Beam Project, I was being psychologically tormented on many levels. I would tell you certain situations but, the things is only the individual T.I gets the subliminal messages thrown at them. I am given messages about what's on my mind, subconscious, conscious and also about what I do, say and write in my journal. I think that because I have a good heart, I try to see the best in perp's and the people in authority online. I was in denial about my employer's part until April of 2010 when not person came to the conference to say "I didn't do any of this". I know my accounts are monitered my atleast the FBI, government and the companies I am filing a law suit against. And since people talk and point so much in this small town, it works out for me because I wanted help in the begining and I really wanted the people who bothered me in the first place to know they wouldn't get away with it one way or the other. I think its awesome that you asked this question because it helps me and makes me more sure of myself and what I am going through. The memories are being influenced by influence technology. They can be memories of someone you miss and have no contact with which makes you feel sad or depressed and removed from the world. It also holds you back because you are decieved into believing that the memories that replay through your head are your own wants and needs. This happens to TI's to hold them back and hurt them even more. Because the perp's confirm my doubts when I just let the images be, and they twist them by throwing in a bad memory. If you're like me, you trust no one especially your friend's and it's hard to trust your family. In the end, stay close to your blood unless they give you a hard time. Connect with other TI's and be strong now because for a while longer we all have to deal with this until its exposed to everyone we can imagine and beyond that. I thank God that I will not be someone who deals with this for 20-40 years. I can't imagine suffering that long and I am not one to suffer alone. Misery loves company and my misery follows me, has a job, has love life with is even sicker....I am talking about my employers, their employees, their lovers and children...its' so sad when someone does this to a person and my heart is so good that I imagine most of the people who do this are cowards...but then I go to work and get a sign left in the bath room I clean with a subliminal message. Some people are the decendants of satan and some are not. But, in the end, trust NO one who has hurt you before. Trust no perp. They live off your pain. It's true. They are like army men who won't go to school to make a living but will kill people and feel honored. Trust no one and if you want to tune V2K out, listen to music YOU want to hear. Don't listen to the radio or watch t.v unless you have a thick skin. I talk so much shit, not even 25% of what happened to me, happens to me now. It seems like the people who fear electronic harrassment and scream inside and out are the one's being tortured the most. It's like everytime I over came being violated, they stopped doing one time and went to something else. They stop raping my private areas so much and started giving me burning sensations of my feet while working and while sitting down. I am used to it and it doesns't hurt like hell. I don't see going to the doctor as a defeat, to me its more proof and more victory for me. aaishasmusic963 on youtube (my channel is for TI's and other people who need to know the truth) Make a channel because if you do, every assault will boost your confidence when you blast it online
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crissandy disse:

3655 days atrás
Pretty ♥ Are you in this picture? :D

aliceiris711 disse:

3655 days atrás
this weapon will be helpful for us in the
same sense as the "area denial skin
heater" weapon, and the acoustic spot-
light/hypersonic sound voice projection

aliceiris711 disse:

3655 days atrás
(Before a public demo, it has the same 
persuasive value as patents. Patents 
are good to refer to, as long as they aren't
presented as proof a technology actually
exists and has been successfully demon-

These technologies are in a class which
produces effects LIKE those we experience, 
but which are not true through wall weapons.

aliceiris711 disse:

3655 days atrás
Keep in mind that ultrasound beams are
heavily attenuated (reduced in power) and
heavily diffused (go in all directions, loss of
"beam" property) when they encounter a
wall. When a pair of ultrasound beams 
hits a wall, whatever low frequency
modulation they carry, be it voice or infra-
sound, is dumped into the air at the point 
of impact.

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