This land...

This land... a nightmare. This is Cresent, a wolf character of mine, she is blind and uses the power of the black moon to see and control things, so her eyes are white. the scars are from when they were traveling and a pack of wolves attacked her, she then use her mind powers and picked the wolves up and threw them to the ground and sent them running, she then came across an awful-looking land with sharp jagged rocks, no water, rapid freezing winds, and several dead wolf bodies, it was the hunting grounds of the deadly wolf eating beast. just then some of the jagged boulders came crashing down, imprisoning Cresent and her pack in the hunting grounds, some even fell on the wolves. Cresent heard a very loud growl then a snarl, then a chomping noise as she heard a wolf yelp "HELP ME PLEASE!!!! SOMEONE!!!!!!" Then he howled, the howl was more like a screech of pain though. Cresent got on a boulder, she could see the cave, the beast got up, several dead wolf bodies dangling from his mouth along with gore, body parts, and blood flowing out of the side of his mouth. "The Darrok." whispered Cresent. The Darrok was shades of brown, grey and black, its tail was designed to look like and axe, he used it when a wolf sneaked behind him. he would pull it up as far as possible then slam it onto the wolf, its teeth were huge! the were like a sabertooth tigers teeth, only larger (because the Darrok was the size of a whale, literally.) Its teeth were sharper than anything on Earth. it had horns like a triceratops (you know, that dinosaur?) its claws were extremely long, just like the teeth, and as sharp as them too. the Darrok came running toward them, cresent used her powers then........TO BE CONTINUED
criado por: jjackie1

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