Part 3

Part 3
The Darrok charged at Cresent, Cresent did a backflip in the air, the Darrok's horn cut her front leg open as it ran past her while she was in the middle of the jump, she fell. she sat in the air. "Curse you Darrok" she whipered. she pulled her head back. she opened her mouth to use the attack she was about to when the darrok attacked her. white lights shone through the gaps in her teeth. she opened her mouth and a beam of white light came out and struck at him and hit him directly in the head. the darrok let out a screech and feel dead. then cracks started to appear on his body then his body broke into a thousand peices and flew into the air. falling to the ground they turned into snowflakes and all of the boulders became ice and everything around them was snow and ice. the sky became blue. the pack walked into the cave the darrok lived in and noticed lights in the ice cave. the gold glow reflected off of a sparkling pond. the pond was in the shape of a cresent and the water was sparkling black. "Were home" whispered Cresent. the pack looked into the sky and saw Cresent, She now had beautiful white angel wings and a tiara made of tiny white stars. "Were free now, the spell has been broken and we are free to explore the lands without fear of the Darrok!" she said in delight, then the snow fell on the dead wolves and they were revived! they became members of the Black Moon pack and the Black Moon pack now had over 100 members! it was a happily ever after.
criado por: jjackie1

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