[>Nelena Love Ep5<]

[>Nelena Love Ep5<]
~Next morning at school~ (*Demi*) Hey Selly are you okay? (*Selena*) No I’m not, he cares for her a lot more than he does me -looks over at Miley- How can I be okay when the love of my life doesn’t feel the same about me?? (*Miley*) -walks over to Selena and Demi- Aww look at the little baby crying. Your just upset because Nick loves me more and he always will, that why he cheated on you with me!! (*Selena*) You whore!! -jumps on Miley and they start to fight- (*Principle James*) Ladies!! LADIES!! LADIES STOP IT!! -pulls Selena and Miley off of each other- What is going on here?!? I want to know!! (*Selena*) -looks at Principle James and then Miley and shakes her head- Its nothing. Just nothing at all…-looks back at Miley- Be happy with your life cause no one else is. -gets in her face- Your just an ugly, nasty, dirty little whore and no one will ever want to call you their girlfriend. Unlike you, I don’t fuck every guy I see.. (*Miley*) -punches Selena- And that’s how I get my money bitch! Maybe if you were like me you would get people better than Nick. He never loved you and he never will. He only used you to get to Demi and that’s no lie!! He loves Demi more than both of us and when Joe started to date her, they fell apart from being brothers! I only used him to get my way, whatever I said to him he did it, he just wanted to be known as Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend… not Selena Gomez’.. be happy without him because I can tell you that you are better than him! He is just a man whore! He wants any girl with a bad reputation, if he gets a girl like that then his fame goes up more. It was never about love between me and him or even you and him!! HE DOESN’T CARE! -bell rings- ~At home~ (*Selena’s Mom*) So Principle James called me today, what is this I hear about a fight with Miley? (*Selena*) Mom, don’t worry about it, it was about nothing! -under breath- Just Nick.. (*Selena’s Mom*) Nick? Nick Jonas?? Selena you didn’t?! You know how he is, he even dated Miley!! How could you!!? (*Selena*) Miley isn’t that bad! She was actually pretty cool. -looks at text message on phone- (*Selena’s Mom*) Selly! Wait, please tell me you are not texting her right now!! (*Selena*) -looks at her mom and laughs- I’m texting her right now -smiles- (*Selena’s Mom*) YOUR GROUNDED!! (*Selena*) NO I’M NOT! I’M GOING TO THE MALL!! -grabs coat and slams the door behind her- {{{{there is one more to come}}}}
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_rawr_lindsay_ disse:

3538 days atrás
Did you write this yourself ??? 5*

Midgie152 disse:

3538 days atrás
Awww how sweet!! Brilliant Idea! 5*

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