The Dance Of Love ~ Adventurer's Club Challenge

The Dance Of Love ~ Adventurer's Club Challenge
To love or not to love, that is the question..?? His eyes were dark and his soul was pure "dance"! We met on a starlit evening, on a balcony just off the ballroom of the largest hotel in NY City! He was staring into the city lights and I could tell he was like a fish out of water...He was in a traditional ballroom, sporting his tight Latin clothing, long dark hair.... and lets just say, he had Antonio Banderas written all over him! Not knowing what to do or say, I walked over to him, introduced myself, and asked him to dance. His dark eyes looked deeply into mine and then he looked down slowly, taking all of me into view. My gown was pure red silk and my blond hair was as long and flowing as my stature. His dark eyes finally settled on my hand that was reaching out to him in a gesture of "the dance"... He looked into my deep blue eyes and spoke softly and firmly with his heavy accent "Not here my beauty". My name is Demetrio Heliodoro. Will you come with me to the dance? "... "The dance?", I questioned with a half smile.. "Yes, I know a fabulous dance club where we can have dinner and get to know each other better". Then a beautiful smile crept over his face and his dark eyes lit up like the starlit night. He drew me close to him and softly whispered to me, "Yes my beauty, and then we can 'make love', in the dance... And needless to say, he was true to his words. The rest of the evening was a dream come true for me, as I danced the night away!!
criado por: gladyslouise

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5dd disse:

3069 days atrás
..... .;””;. .;””;
()”” ‘)★, ” ,★’Hi 
( ,’o’)”)☆,★”Sweety !
(,,) )(,('') 5 STARS 4U!
☆★☆★☆ Wonderful!!
Hugs , for you my friend !

m00nPrincess disse:

3104 days atrás
the dance of love, a very romantic way of expressing love for each other! love the image of the couple, so hot!:)))

papuzzetto disse:

3104 days atrás
Fantastic work!!!!

sburkss disse:

3105 days atrás
Gorgeous!!  Very sexy and romantic!! Love your story too!!

beba_zo disse:

3105 days atrás
beautiful and very romantice sweetie, good luck, love you toula xxxx

kerstie_uk disse:

3108 days atrás
This one, please to the Adventurer group.
Thanks so much, my sweet Glad. LY, Kerstie x0x0x0

DADALUS4 disse:

3108 days atrás
Beautiful blingee, hot story ... terrific entry .... I can hear him whispering to her as their bodies blend and twirl ...
Mi corazón es tuyo, mi alma y mi amor!!

Love ya 

kerstie_uk disse:

3108 days atrás
wow... what a wonderful hot story ... I could almost hear his accent and hear the tango in the background ;-) Wonderful detailed story!
First I read the story and then I looked at your adventure... I imagined him like this and she is sooo beautiful!
I hope it will last longer!!! Hugs K.

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