Shining Lights Episode 7

Shining Lights Episode 7
Episode 7 of Shining Lights -------------------------------- James:"You gotta try to make it work." Andrea:"I know,but Me and nature just don't go well together." James:"Then you and Nature have to work together." Andrea:"nah,I rather stay inside than outside." James:"If you want to go without a girl best friend. That's totally fine with me,but I think you would go lonely through the rest." Andrea:"you're right... I tried to talk and make it work." James:"good,so go to the girls..Where are they?" Andrea:"I think they're inside the tent." James:"Go interact." Andrea:"okay." turn around and went inside the tent. "Nope not in here." I stare at nothing in it. I come out the tent and look around...Hmmm...I look around..They're not in this area. I look in the other places. Yes that means other areas I might not be in. Look around and I see them by a lake...It's getting dark. I should tell them to go back...walk in and see them looking at a sky...The blue dark sky...Cute..."Hey girls." They both turn to look. Selina:"Oh hey." Zoe:"Hi." Andrea:"whatcha doing?" Selina:"We're looking out in the stars." Zoe:"yeah wanna watch?" Andrea:"that's nice,but we should go back to the camp." Zoe:"in a minute." Selina:"yeah the shooting star might come any minute." Andrea:"shooting stars?" Selina:"yeah." Andrea:"where does it says that." Selina:"yahoo." takes out phone and stare. "Any couple minutes now." Andrea:"I doubt that. come back." Zoe:"not yet." Andrea:"when?" Zoe:"after shooting star?" Andrea:"is it really coming?" Selina:"yes." Andrea:"ok." Selina:"why don't you sit while waiting?" Andrea:"How about I will stand?" Selina:"okay." A shooting star did appear 20 seconds later. Zoe took a picture of it. "Got it." she said. I look at it. "pretty." Zoe:"thanks." Andrea:"can we get back now?" Selina:"okay." Zoe was the first one to leave quickly out of here. Me and Andrea was leaving until something shiny hit us...I look at it and Andrea too. Andrea:"why is that light shining at us?" Selina:"I don't know. Where's Zoe?" Andrea turn. "I think she left off already." Selina:"oh." This shining light keep shining. "should we go?" Andrea:"I don't know." The light went down from the moon and it surround me. Andrea. I look at her. There's like little stars gather and surrounding her then went like magical. The light went and in to dissapear inside. Then it went float and poof gone. I look at Andrea. "Weird." "Yeah." she reply. "Let's go back." I said. "uh-huh." she said. We walk back toward camp. "What do you think that was about?" I ask Andrea. She shrugs and looks at me. "I don't know." "yeah me either." I reply. Andrea:"did you wish for something?" she looks at me. Selina:"yes." Andrea:"What did you wish for?" Selina:"I wish that something magical and beautiful things would always happen to me." Andrea:" nice wish." Selina:"you think?" Andrea:"yeah what did the other girl wish for?" Selina:"Her name is Zoe and I don't know." Andrea:"oh." think of something. "Do you like camp?" Selina:"camp is alright. I just make the best of it." Andrea:"oh." Selina:"Do you like camp?" Andrea shook her head. "Nope." Selina:"Why not?" Andrea:"I have a bad time at camp and It's boring." Selina:"oh,you been to a camp before?" Andrea:"yes. I didn't enjoy it." Selina:"oh well I'm guessing it's sad." Andrea:"yes it is." We walk back to Camp. Campfire is starting. "Look there's Zoe." I point. Andrea:"oh yeah." I went walking to Zoe. "Hey." Zoe:"hey." Selina:"why did you leave me alone back there?" Zoe:"I thought you were coming along,when you didn't It was getting dark. So I have to head back here." Selina:"oh okay." Teacher:"Class campfire is happening. Gather around and sit on a log." Every student gather around and sit. "Wanna sit with us?" I ask Andrea. Andrea point to herself. "Me?" Selina:"yeah." Andrea:"sure." she went and sit next to us. Selina:"are you comfy?" Andrea:"comfy enough." Teacher:"alright. Grab a stick." hands out stick to student. "and put Marshmellows in." I took the stick and push the marshmellow in. Zoe did the same and put it over the fire. We holding them. Andrea looks at James. James look back. He mouth how it go? She mouth back. Alright.. James:"are you getting along with other girls?" Andrea:"maybe the girls I'm sitting next to." James gives her a thumbs up and a great smile. Andrea nod and looks at Selina and Zoe. Zoe:"like marshmellows?" Andrea:"yes." Zoe:"have one." hands to her. Andrea took it and stick in the stick. Camp it by the campfire with the rest of the class. -- Like it?
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