Hanged Man-Empress(Over)The Moon

Hanged Man-Empress(Over)The Moon
Three mysterious women sit in the nude beside a lake enjoying the full moon. In the background, a lone wolf howls as the face in the moon looks down at the earth. The Moon: While the High Priestess guards the door to the unconscious, the moon is the darkness and confusion that results when we encounter and fear the unknown. Confusion and fear of the unknown is the energy of the moon. It is superstition and wild imaginings of the strangest kind. It is believing in illusions. The moon need not be frightening. The moon connects you to the mystery of the female spirit, emotions, and intuition. Pay attention to your dreams and that inner voice and your spiritual life will deepen. If you conquer your fears of these mysteries you will wield powerful magic. Advice: Superstition and fear of the unknown can be a tool that is used to control others. Don't let your imagination take you to a scary place. Educate yourself on that which you fear. Bring light into the darkness, and power into your life. Now is the time to use your imagination to do something wildly creative. Imagination rules the world. (http://www.infinitevisionstarot.com/index.html)
criado por: aliceiris711

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