You may be thinking "Wow... another stop animal abuse blingee from the insane animal person..." But this stuff matters, how would you like to be abused, killed, slaughtered, or be tested on like a lab rat? Please help to keep the message of me and many others going because we CAN stop animal cruelty. If you approve this message make another blingee about stopping animal cruelty, testing, and or abuse. The motion spreads quickly over the internet. Please, for the animals who are born in cages and killed in them, the animals who are kept in a cold laboratory who have toxic medicines injected, and for those wandering, alone, with out a home, or someone to care for and love. Please, help remind them that they are man's best friend, not man's to test on or torture. I am not a vegetarian, and you don't have to be to pass this message along. Just think about this "Everyone was created equal, all different, but yet the same. If we were all created equal that means that even the smallest kitten, or the scrawniest dog, or the dirtiest rat are the same as us. Created as one, we are one. We were put on the Earth with animals so that we would have protein and and best friend for eternity. There are people in Africa and South America who would love a pet dog, kitten, mouse, hamster, or even a goat or cow. But some people who get them, disrespect them and sometimes kill them." Please they need your help NOW. Help the poor little creatures who are thought of as low lives and other terrible things that they should not be called. You may be thinking that you will change and make things better, but a lot of people just ignore this, call it junk, leave it alone, or think about it but don’t do anything. They do not have voices, but we do. We are their voice. Let their voice be heard loud and clear “We are equal. We should not be tested on, killed, abused, or slaughtered. We are here to be your friend, your companion, not your victim. We are one with you!” Help get the message out there.
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Please, take time to read the description and or leave a comment :)

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