Has any one ever stopped and asked what makes a color a color? What makes Green Green? What makes Blue Blue? What makes Red Red? What makes Yellow Yellow? What makes Orange Orange? What makes Pink Pink? What makes Purple Purple? As you see the list can go on for quite a time.Now as in right now as in right before your eyes I as in me and my and as in this person right hear will answer those interesting babbling questions always at the back of your mind.Green oh such a lovely color.Green is nature.Green is life.Green is rebirth and the soft moss at your feet.Green is spring and happy plentiful times.Green is made green by being green of course.Now onto cool proud Blue.What a amazing color.So many shades some many colors.Blue is the sky oh so far away.It shares two of it's colors with the sky.Light blue for day when all those pesky clouds get in the way and dark blue for nigh when all those stars shine oh so bright.Blue is cool pride. Blue is a soft light color and yet such a power hold in it's dark royal forum.Blue is made blue by being blue of course.Now we arrive at Red.Such a diverse color for being only a three letter word.Red is hot.Red is anger and destroying fire.But then again red is love. Red is roses and the sunset.Red is hate and blood.Its warning. Red is like all the colors rapped into one.And of course red is made red by being red.Now hear we are at Yellow. Such a happy color. Yellow is the suns shine. Yellow is summer sun and fall leaves.It is the star on the christmas tree and of course no one can for get the delicate buttercups of spring.Yellow is made Yellow by simply being Yellow yes thats all it takes. Ah hear we are in the land of Orange.What a divine bright color of all colors.Orange is fruit and life giving vitamin C.Orange is a proud sharing owner of fire along with Red.Orange is bright.Orange also shares the sunset with yellow.My my such a giving color. Orange is made orange by being orange and no more.Aha Now we enter to the center of pink.Pink, Pink, Pink and more pink.All the pink one could ever need.Pink is sugar and strawberries.Pink is sweet and pretty and defiantly the drama queen of all the colors.Pink is made pink by being Pink of course.Now last but not least Purple is hear.Not much to say about this quite color except that is is because it dose.Purple is Purple and no one will ever change that.So there you have it the colors.But I have answered your questions with yet another.What makes a color a color by simply being a color?
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