Hannah and Caleb love!

Hannah and Caleb love!
Hannah and Caleb are the cutist couple ever! Hannah is trying not to tell Caleb about A but he keeps on finding out more and Caleb is slowly moving higher up A's hitlist. Caleb hasn't done much better because at first he was getting payed by Jenna (The girls arch enemy) to get Hannah's phone details and who she has called but Caleb soon gets to know Hannah and falls in love and pays the Money back to Jenna and eventully Hannah finds out because Spencer and Aria hear Caleb on the phone talking to Jenna and Hannah and Caleb soon break up becuase Caleb was useing Hannah. Caleb leaves town soon after but leaves a note for Hannah saying "Call me please, I love you Hannah" but Hannah's friend Mona rips up the note so Hannah could not see what was on it Hannah soon finds out and Mona and Hannah's friendship is put at bay but meanwhile Louise (Hannah's friend) brings Caleb back to town now that Hannah knows about the note. But when Caleb tells her that he loves her she still dosen't believe him untill the next episode when Hannah forgives Cableb and they have sex in one of Spencer's houses.

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