Boldog Szülinapot Barbi!!! :)

Boldog Szülinapot Barbi!!! :)
Happy Birthday!!! Felicidades!!!! Zorionak!!! ^^ I can say it to you in any language you want, but always with the same aim: wishing you a very happy birthday!!! So I hope you can have today the best birthday ever!!! with lots of fun, happiness, joy and surrounded by all the people who loves you!!!! and with lots of memorable moments!!! :D and I hope you like this little present I have just made for you, as all of these years I wanted to create something special and in the best way I could do it! so, as I know you like this actor, I decide to make your present with pictures of him jeje! So I hope you like it!!! I've never watch that show, so I tried to so as good as i could with the little things I know about it and also with that beautiful quote you made jeje! :D And, one more year, thank you for your friendship!! as I said you all these years, your friendship means a lot to me!!! So thank you again for it!!! ^^ So, one more time, enjoy your day so much!!! :) lots of kisses sweetie!!! ...21.4.2014...
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susi1959 disse:

2078 days atrás
☆☆☆ 5 ╭)))*~╮
╭───╮ ((( ^ - ^)))╭☆──╮
╰─  \ ..//"!"\ㄟ/   ─╯
 ╰─╯°~( )~~( )~°╰─╯☆ F░A░N░T░A░S░T░I░C ☆

susi1959 disse:

2082 days atrás
♥ wonderful picture ♥
happy mothers day my sweet friend

susi1959 disse:

2087 days atrás

.♥♥ 5...♥♥!
Thank You for your Comments
wish you a nice DAY

susi1959 disse:

2090 days atrás
 .  ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ 5STARS       
  ,* (.(◔ .•).)¸. .    
 .'* (.(_.❤._).)     
  \¯¯(,,)-(,,)¯ ¯/     
 .¯\¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯/¯     
  .. \______/  I LOVE 
Have a wonderful day

Оло_оло disse:

2090 days atrás
ɪ ʟσʋε чσυя ѕτчʟε! ɪτ'ѕ ѕσ ωση∂εяƒυʟ :3    

susi1959 disse:

2094 days atrás

Trinity1989 disse:

2094 days atrás
☆★☆★☆ ೋღ♥ღೋ ☆★☆★☆
☆★☆★☆ ೋღ♥ღೋ ☆★☆★☆

charu_rappel disse:

2095 days atrás
_(█ ♥ █)__ ♥ __(█ ♥ █)
.(█ ♥█♥█ ♥█)_(█♥ █♥█ ♥█)
(█ ♥█)___ Hugs___(█♥█)
_(█ ♥█)__(█ ♥█)__(█ ♥█)
___(█ ♥█)_____(█♥ █)
_____ (█♥█) (█ ♥█)
________(█♥█) ____
                ♥♥♥♥♥ SUPER
and new stamps in my box for you
your charu

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