This is mind-boggling

This is mind-boggling
Okay not trying to be a drama starter or anything of that nature buttttttttttttt I just noticed something INCREDIABLEY INTERESTING. Has anyone seriously noticed that when all of the older members came back{WHICH IS A WONDERFUL THING SINCE I LOVE YOU ALL x3 No Homo} for some odd reason the weird freaky members or new members magically appear? I no longer accept friends' request from "Old members acting like they're new" or just "New roleplayers" in general. Sorry not doing it I'll add only friends I know on here, since it's weird the "New roleplayers" always seem to find us magically? like they how do they know we even roleplay? is there a book out there saying who roleplays on blingee? I highly doubt it. I just find it a bit unusual. But I had a friends' request from "NewStarBitch" 2 times and I've declined both but that's the weird thing. Why is this person just showing up again suddenly? Does anyone else think it's weird or has anyone noticed or am I just paranoid? e.o' It's like just when all the old members come back and everyone is all "Yaayyy! Blingee is coming back together for happy times and no more drama!! x3" Miraculously some antagonist just appears again? Nah. That's just pretty odd. But please leave comments I'd like to know if anyone else noticed!!! Also for any of you Dark Souls nerds out there such as myself I just love Ornstein and had to use him in this blingee! <3 x3
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Joycieoh disse:

1715 days atrás
Love your creations,
(⁀‵⁀,)♥ ♥ ♥ 
.`⋎´ ♥¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•. ♥ 
… ♥¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•. ♥ ♥ 
Have a great night, hugs Joycie

lousei disse:

1715 days atrás
      //   5☆★☆★☆
    •• a very nice evening

caesar59 disse:

1715 days atrás
have a nice day--wünsche dir schönen tag
beautiful--wunderschön 5*****
thanx for voting--danke fürs voten

CrystalNightPack disse:

1716 days atrás
Haha i noticed that to but dent feel like saying anything xD it seem once I came back everybody started coming back which is kinda weird since all the new role players know how to rp and make nice pictures and have good info on their charries when i started i sucked at creating pics nd IDs even rp but they seem reallly to good I don't care that they want to rp but I already know its all old members that are being them. I don't understand why they have to act like someone else arnt we

CrystalNightPack disse:

1716 days atrás
all supposed to be friends. I'm not making more accounts just to make drama :/ nd more charries that eventually I'll just leave and come back again..just saying they dont needa lie nd pretend to be someone else its getin confusing now to keep up with who is who :/

bitani49 disse:

1716 days atrás
What I actually meant for those websites is be so very CAREFUL of what you POST! For example, don't post images of yourself or your family! Don't share personal information nor use your full name or name and first last name! That's a huge mistake you guys! That makes people easier to stalk D,x so that's the advice I got

@Alexa, I'm sorry this fucking bitch is annoying you :T those freaking stalkers >_>

@everyone else, just take in mind those things I've mentioned + don't accept new members

bitani49 disse:

1716 days atrás
I got a request from that biatch too :T I've noticed every single thing you've mentioned in here like for reals! I thought I was going bananas crazy over it, but thank goodness I'm not the only one! I'd say we all just write a letter to the blingee team accusing the user for harassment, and I mean as in writing an email! We should get at least 10 people to do that for the issue to be solved. I'm pretty sure they would do something if they had that many people complaining about it.

bitani49 disse:

1716 days atrás
We should also hit the report button on her PROFILE to make this like the serious thing it is! Other things you could accuse this user is for identity theft, harassment, bullying, stalking and whatever along those lines because the user is REALLY doing this! Another thing I'd loooooove to point out, is don't fucking use all those stupid social medias like twitter, tumblr, instagram or whatever those shitty websites are called! I don't mean it as don't use it at all cause I have tumblr xD 

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