FREE custom stamp requests!

FREE custom stamp requests!
I can make various different stamps. I can make backgrounds, scenic, still or animated. I can also make frames which are transparent but they can be still or animated. I can also make custom username stamps as well. They can scroll (like the one on this bling), animate or be still. If you wish for me to make a scrolling username tag, please provide me with a picture link. (character and faces work best) If you want me to make backgrounds or frames with a certain background, send me picture or link. There are also rules which I must comply with which are basically blingee's main set of rules. I will refuse to create stamps that target such as "sam whateverlastname sucks" or any racist/discrimination. If you post this, your comment will be ignored and deleted. Also, I refuse to make stamps of nudity or sexual content as that can get you banned. Any asking for this will result in the same thing happening as above. Most other things I can do, however, if I have a problem with creating it or something just decides not to work as planned, I will notify you. Hope I get some requests. But requests will ONLY be taken if they are commented on THIS blingee as to prevent spam. Thanks :3 HannahJuly. xoxo.
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custom stamp requests
Please comment on this blingee if you'd like one!
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dixiefan1991 disse:

922 days atrás
Thanks for making those Dixie stamps!
David a.k.a. dixiefan1991

minellavanilla disse:

1591 days atrás
Hey! I guess I'm your most popular customer huh! But Can you make me a stamp that says Charli XCX And The C And XCX Need To Be Uppercased And If In Fancy Black Writing.



minellavanilla disse:

1605 days atrás
Hey Can You MAke ME oNE tHAT sAYS Sammy I love You All Of Them In Lowercase except LOVE And If You Can Make It In swirly wrighting oh and in the color black!



minellavanilla disse:

1606 days atrás
Blue He He Sorry

minellavanilla disse:

1606 days atrás
Hi again, I was wondering if you could make a stamp that says ALONDRA BLU in all uppercase and in blue writing and fancy

Thank You

elena19g disse:

1606 days atrás
Hi, I'd like one stamp that says "minellavainilla", in black.

minellavanilla disse:

1606 days atrás
Hey! I'd Like One That Says elena19g all in lowercase letters and in really fancy writing and if in the color black!


Mia :)

LaPrincessPea... disse:

1656 days atrás
so cool
5 stars :)

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