best friends forever....

best friends forever....
Friendship is an art. Making friendship is an aspiration, sustaining it is aptitude and cherishing it forever is the biggest triumph. Forever friends are not very easy to make and once made cannot be wrecked. The term ?forever friends? as beautiful it sounds, has a deeper and more wonderful meaning entrenched inside it. The term ?forever friends? contain the same essential elements as in art: majesty, joy, fear, sorrow and transcendence to the fringes of existence. After reaching a certain age, the relation of friendship becomes so much important to you that you tend to take your forever friends as the most important persons in your life. These are the people with whom you think you can share the nitty-gritty of your life and also get some good advices which are of your immense use. You could even gift your friends? poems to let them know about your feelings towards them. Forever friendship poems are not meant for anyone and everyone, but for forever friends. Friends forever are someone who change the meaning of your life by just being a part of it and they make you feel way too special than you are. Friends forever are those who make you laugh until you stop and who wipes off your tears before it reaches your cheek. Friends forever are those who make you believe the best that the world can offer and they inspires you that there is an unlocked door waiting for you to open and overwhelm yourself with those endless joy and happiness. When you are down and the world seems dark and empty, these friends forever elevate your spirits and make the world seem amazingly beautiful and bright to you. Forever friends are like your shadow who gets you through hard and the perplexed times and they follow you even if you turn and walk away. Friends forever will always be with you through thick and thin no matter what comes by your way and you will never be able to tell that you are alone because forever means lifetime and a friend whom you call to be your forever friend will always hold your hand and tell you that everything will be fine soon. When you feel vulnerable and suffer a state of despair, it?s your forever friends who help you make it through and before you know, it will be on your way. Your friend forever will help you out each time you will find things turning against you and a bright smile from your forever friend will make your day a cheerful one. A heart laugh with a friend forever is the best medicine when you are gloomy and feel despondent. A friend forever brings back those sunny and pleasant moments in your life that you have been shorn of and usher you with endless joy and laughter. If you have a fight with your forever friend, sit and fix it right away. Do not pinch or thrust on your friend as this is no solution to your qualms. If you stand together with your friend, nothing would ever come your way and you will always remain friends forever. Friendship has to be practiced, nurtured and thought out collectively. We need friends at all point of our life no matter to what age group we belong. Friends are to be cherished forever as this is known to be the only relation where we can be transparent. Sometimes, we fail to share our thoughts with our spouse or other family members whom we considered to be closed ones. At this point of time, it?s our friends forever who make us feel comfortable enough to share our problems with them. There might be family issues or any other domestic issues and friends forever helps us out in all these kind of uncanny troubles where we usually fall short of thoughts. Forever friends are as rare as the perfect work of art but, like art, the slim chance of experiencing its intrinsic joy is a gamble all of us should take in our lives. It?s not correct that friends forever always have things in common and that has made their friendship eternal. It is their mental compatibility and a better understanding about each other that has brought them so close. Whenever you have fights with your friends forever, it seems as if the entire sky has come crushing down on your head breaking you into pieces. They are so dear and near to you that you can never think your life without them no matter what comes by your way. A British survey has proved that forever friends and not families may be a more important factor in helping seniors to live longer. It was proved that close ties with children and other family members appeared to have less impact on longer survival rates. But for those participants with a very strong personal network of forever friends and associates, survival rates were much higher than those with weaker ties to friends. A forever friend shares the good times and helps out by listening during the bad times. A forever friend is a person who knows what you are saying, even if you?re not talking. While everybody else shakes hand with you, your forever friend would hold your hand. Forever friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter but most importantly, treasure the memories. A forever friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. A forever friend is like a star, you don?t see them often but you will always know where they are. Life is never complete without forever friends. We all need the loving company of friends to live life. Forever friends are like angels in our lives who stand by us when we need them and inspire us when we feel vulnerable. They never leave us and go. All of us should give enough thoughts before selecting our forever friends as this is the most important relation in our life and it there should not be any flaw in it. The foundation is made of faith, trust and affection. Forever friends are to be cherished forever as this is above all relation in our life. by the way she's saira nicole,she's a rise up MODEL....
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