Magic Moments~

Magic Moments~
Everyone has a magic moment in their lives. A moment you wish could be engraved in your memory forever. Callista had such a moment, just now. Her mom had passed away several months ago but the pain was still etched in her heart. There were constant reminders of her everywhere, from the food encrusted recipe book (which her father now tried to use to recreate the cookies her mom use to bake her) to the basket of mending beside her old chair. Sometimes Callista would crawl into the chair and her father would find her asleep in it in the morning. He knew this couldn't go on, he had to do something, so he sent her away to his sister for a month and proceeded with his plan. At first Callista hated the idea of going to her Aunt. But once she got there she was too distracted by her eight cousins to have much time to be sad. It was only at night when the house was sleeping, she would crawl out of her bed and stare at the sky. She was waiting for the sign she and her mom had agreed on before she passed away. She had told Callista that when she got to heaven, and she was appointed her new official guardian angel, she would send her a falling star to let her know. She waited, night after night and nothing happened. Where was her mom? Finally she had to go back home. She was happy to see her dad, but saddened to leave her cousins. When she got off the train she ran into her fathers arms. He swung her around and told her he had a huge surprise for her but she had to be blindfolded.She didn't like that, but agreed. When they got to their destination, her father removed her blindfold and she stood there gaping. In front of where her house use to be stood....a teapot??? It had two flower gardens and a huge tree to swing on. She screamed and ran inside laughing at the shape of her new house. The rooms were a little smaller but everything was redecorated, including her room. It was a beautiful seashell pink color just like her bed which now had a canopy over it. The canopy glistened like stars. "Do you like it Calli?" her dad said. "I love it daddy," she ran into his arms, "But what about mamma? Where are all her things?" Her father sat on the floor and pulled her to him gently. "Callie, mamma has been gone a long time now, almost a year. We can't live with all of mamma's things anymore. It is too much of a reminder for both of us, so I figured we could start over. I redid the whole house top to bottom and I decided to give all of mamma's things to others less fortunate, but not all." He pulled a sewing basket from her closet. "I know how you and your mamma loved to sew , so I saved her sewing basket for you to continue to use." he handed it t her. Callista was so angry she threw it at him. "HOW COULD YOU!!! YOU THREW AWAY EVERYTHING I LOVED!!! I DIDN'T WANT CHANGE. I WANTED IT TO STAY THE SAME. I JUST WANT MAMMA!!!" with that she threw the basket at him and threw herself face down on the bed sobbing hysterically. Her father stood there ashen faced looking at the debris scattered room to his daughter crying piteously on the bed. He walked silently to the door."I am sorry Calli, I never meant to hurt you. I only did what I thought was right. I loved your mother too, she was the brightest spot in my life aside from you. Don't you think I feel the pain of her loss? There isn't a moment I don't feel the emptiness of her missing presence. But I also have a daughter to think of. I know in my heart she would not want us to stop our lives because she cannot be with us. I promised your mother on her death bed I would do anything to take care of you and make you happy. I thought by starting over it wold give us a fresh start. Maybe I was wrong. Forgive me.." his voiced trembled. Then he closed the door. There is no way to know how long she laid there. The sun started to set and she heard a few knocks on the door, then she fell asleep. She awoke to light shimmering in through the curtain lace....what was that? She slowly got up, a little lightheaded, but walked cautiously to the window and gasped. She threw open the door, almost stepping on what was obviously dinner that had been left for her, and ran down the stairs and into the garden. High above her were tendrils of colored shards falling from the sky....It was the SIGN!!!!! The sign from her momma that she had reached heaven and was watching over her! Her momma was happy and ok! She stood watching it for several more minutes and then ran inside to get her father. She burst into his room and jumped on his bed. '"Daddy, daddy, come quickly!!!!" she said pulling him out of bed "Hurry before it stops!!" "ok, ok, I'm coming, Calli what is this all about it's 3 in the morning!" he said looking at the clock beside his table. "Let me just get my slippers on and..." "NO there isn't any time she said grabbing him and shoving him out the door. "HURRY!!" They both ran outside and she pointed to the sky. "It's momma." he looked up and saw the thousands of stars falling from the sky. "Calli it's beautiful, but they call this a meteor shower." "No dad, you don't understand." Then she proceeded to tell him the whole story and their 'sign'. Now he understood. "Be right back." he said going into the house. Calli's face fell. She thought he understood, where was he going? But he reappeared moments later with a blanket. "How about we stay out here and watch mom's sign together?" he spread the blanket on the ground and he and Callista laid on it side by side staring at the bursting tendrils of light. Daddy, I think we are going to be ok. Tomorrow I will start finishing that scarf mom was making for you." she said smiling. "Thank you sweetheart, I wold love know what this is? A magic moment." "What's that?"asked Callista A magic moment is a place in time where everything is perfect. It is something that you freeze in your mind to always remember." "Like a photograph?" "Like a photograph, only better." They lay there for a while in silence then she placed her little hand in his. "Then lets make this magic moment last as long as possible." He closed his hand around hers and looked up at the falling stars and smiled.
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BJaysplace disse:

4283 days atrás
Like to visit this one off & on Love The Story!! 

AvRiLuVeR2 disse:

4348 days atrás
This is really pretty, you make the best blingees on the interwebs

emoprincess10129 disse:

4357 days atrás
i love it how do you come up wit it

NNB4RJxXx disse:

4374 days atrás
so beautifull i love it lots

monnyka03 disse:

4378 days atrás
I think this is one of my favorite ones that you have created...
especially how you made it look like the light was on in one of the windows.


4379 days atrás
beautifull ! 

Preciosa_Estr... disse:

4380 days atrás

syira_peace93 disse:

4380 days atrás
i love it so muchhhhhhhh..

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