Alle was a gentle, kind-hearted woman who gave so much of herself to help others in her village. Often she was seen washing windows, running errands for others, or patching up a child's scraped elbow or knee. She was so busy helping people that she had very little time for herself. When the rare moment occured when no one was asking her for help, she would steal away to the river and dream between two cherry blossoms. Sometimes she would look down into the river at her reflection and talk to herself. For as many people as Alle helped, no one would take the time to help her with anything. Alle had no friends and she was very lonely. "If only I had a twin, like these two cherry blossoms, then I would always have a friend." As she said these words, her reflection sprang out of the river and onto the bank. Startled, Alle stepped back and tripped on a twisted tree root. Her reflection knelt down, placed her hands on Alle's hands and smiled with love and gratitude for her life. Alle was suddenly so very happy. She now had a sister, she would never be lonely again. She thought of all the good they could do together. What she didn't realize, however, was that, while they were so much alike in appearence, they were mirror images of each other. While her reflection would always be there for her, it would not be a kindred spirit. For as good and tender as Alle's heart was, that's how evil and hardened Ella's heart would be...
criado por: SwtKat5

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Giullia1 disse:

3937 days atrás
molto bello :)

Justify_Dizs disse:

3937 days atrás
One word...Breathless!

AlwaysBrokenI... disse:

3948 days atrás
Wow, just reading the story took my breath away. You should write stories, i would buy the first copy:)Awesome:)

cjbevil disse:

3948 days atrás

Tirsah disse:

3949 days atrás
Very beautiful! *****

christina_nacr disse:

3952 days atrás

Ercassiel disse:

3954 days atrás
Nothing sweeter then the innocence of childhood friendships. 5+

MsYamiYugi disse:

3956 days atrás

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