Love Story Episode 5 by cool76020 ~ It is so hard to fit all the ppl on here!!! LOL

Love Story Episode 5 by cool76020 ~ It is so hard to fit all the ppl on here!!! LOL
Setting ~ *** Joe at Demi's Door *** he rings the door bell!!! Demi answers ~ Demi ~ Hello, Hansome!!! Joe are u ready??? Demi ~ yup!!! They are arriving at place!!! Joe ~ ok, close your eyes!!! Demi ~ why, its just dinner!!! Joe ~ Just close them!!! Demi ~ ok!!! *** They Arrive *** Joe Helps Demi out of car cause her eyes are closed!!! Joe ~ ok , open ur eyes!!!! Demi ~ OMJ!!! you took me to the amusment park!!!! So thats why we are coming so early!!! OMJ!!! thnx sooooooooo much!!! *** THEY KISS *** Joe ~ lets go on the rollercoaster first!!! Demi ~ ok!!! <<<< MEANWHILE >>>> Kevin is at Vanessa's door!!! Kevin ~ Rings Door Bell!!! Vanessa ~ hey!!! Kevin ~ are you ready??? Vanessa ~ yes!!! *** They are arriving ***!!! Kevin ~ close your eyes!!! Vanessa ~ ok!!! Kevin ~ now open them!!!! Vanessa ~ No Way!!! Kevin ~ yes way!!! =D Vanessa ~ OMJ! you brought me to the water park!!! Kevin ~ i know you love water parks!!! Vanessa ~ yes, I LOVEEE WATER PARKS!!!, and you!!! *** They KISS *** <<<< MEANWHILE >>>> Taylor, Nick , and Miley are at taylor's house!!! Nick ~ how did i end up here ??? Miley ~ OMJ!!! Just stop!!! come on u were lonely!!! Nick ~ yah i guess!!!! Taylor ~ OOH, lets play would you rather!!! Nick and Miley ~ ok!!! Taylor ~ ok, i will start!!! <<<< MEANWHILE >>>> Selena, Ashley, Emily, Stella, and Nicole are at Ashley's house!!! Selena ~ Hey, i wonder wat Miley, Nick, and Taylor are doing!!! Ashley ~ oh, they are at Taylor's House!!! Selena ~ LETS GO SURPRISE THEM!!! everybody ~ ok!!! Everybody arrives at taylor's house!!! Taylor answers door!!! Everybody at door ~ SUPRISE!!! Taylor ~ Hey!!! Nick ~ Oh great more girls!!! ( being sarcastic )!!! Miley ~ Hey everyone!!! <<<< MEANWHILE >>>> Both dates get home!!! Joe ~ well, Bye!!! Demi and Joe kiss!!!!! <<<< MEANWHILE >>>> Vanessa says goodbye to Kevin!!! They Kiss!!! Q's WILL NICK BREAK UP WITH SELENA??? WILL ALL RELATIONSHIPS BE GOOD??? Find out in next episode!!!!
criado por: cool76020

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aletha95 disse:

3958 days atrás
love it

pokecat disse:

3970 days atrás
can i be in the next episode and be taylor swift? and can joe be my boyfriend?

awesomeItzelle disse:

3970 days atrás


3970 days atrás
 I dont know if the relationships would work but Joe and Demi  should they make a cute couple LOL!!

twitanic1 disse:

3971 days atrás

Doll_Lover disse:

3971 days atrás
love it

mousey disse:

3971 days atrás
THis Is So Awesome Victoria BFFl♥

Webkinzlover88 disse:

3971 days atrás

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