Rukia-sama fanclub

Rukia-sama fanclub

a group dedicated to rukia kuchiki.

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*BIRTHDAY: January 14

*AGE: 150

*WEIGHT: 33 kg (73 lbs)

*HEIGHT: 144 cm (4'8½")

*FAVORITE FOODS: Cucumber,eggs, and rice dumplings

*LIKES: climbing high places and rabbit themed items

Welcome to this fanclub! feel free to post and add blingees! the following is just one simple rule:


NO and I mean NO ANIT-RUKIA'S ALLOWED! any anti's that come near this group will have to deal with me! and trust me you won't like it!

      ~♥LaSt bUt N0t L3aS3T 3nJ!0y tH!s gR0uP♥~

Palavras-chave: Bleach Rukia anime. kuchiki

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