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I just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone in this group! My friend Daniel (wolfpassion) is in this group, so...if it's good enough for Daniel, then it is for me too! Actually...I am new to all of this, so please bear with me as I don't always have time to check in, and I'm a bit older, so...not to savvy on the tech stuff, but hey...I'm willing to learn!

Anyways, I've only made 4 blingees so far...more to come later. They are all wolf pics of some sort. I am a wolf lover from way back, and had a wolf/hybrid for my pet/personal companion for many years before she passed away, sadly. Her name was "Talita" which is an endearing term...she was part white wolf, and a never more loving companion would you ever want to see! So very loving, intelligent, perceptive, discerning, and so so caring and nurturing! Love was her center, but...don't get on her bad side...she didn't know fear, or if she did, never showed it! She protected her pack, her master...and her Alpha! I loved her dearly, as she did me and all of us in my family!

I am also part Native American Indian...not that much really, but part Blackfoot Indian. So...my themes revolve somewhat around my leanings and wishes.

Anyways...there will be other images I work on from time to time, but...my heart is for the Wolf! In her name I took my CB name or "handle" as it is called in the professional trucking world..."Lonewolf", so for her...I remain "Lonewolf".

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