heyy peeps wudup this group is 4 peeps hoo like sports nd blingees...... haha nd no ping pong doesnt count i hv contests nd the winners r going 2 b selected by yours truely!

  • Fundador: vvvbbbaaalll
  • Número de membros: 4
  • Número de Blingees: 4
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               ok people lets face it sports rule
               also blingees rule (sumtimes)

i hv a contest 4 u all (YAI) you hv 2 make a blingee that best shows our group! now it starts on Feb. fst nd ends on Feb. 20 so lets get a move on! nd rele do u want this lameo icon we hv now! (EAW)

ino its a small group but hoo cares it will get bigr (YAIII) if n e 1 has n e ideas TELL ME THEM
Palavras-chave: B-Ball SOCCER SPORTS golf v-ball

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