Gothic Fantasy

Gothic Fantasy

For All who love and have a dark gothic fantasy that your dying to share, your masterpieces, now this is the group to join and have lots of fun.

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Our New Gothic Fantasy Icon was Created by Our Dear Friend, vykie4xenareslove4evs:-)

If you love gothic and fantasy then this is the group to join, and share your gothic fantasy masterpieces, anything from mythical creatures, fairies, wizards, goddess, ghost, vampires to gruesome creatures, no nudity allowed, just have fun, creating and sharing, your masterpieces:-)

We Accept all kinds of Gothic and Fantasy Masterpieces are Welcome, we will be the first group to mix it up. So lets get creative and have fun:-)

Due to a busy schedule will be taking sometime off, so all challenges will temporarily off, hope you all understand, but I will be changing logo, every now and then, thank you all and lets continue to bling on:-)

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