Once upon a time, it was really easy to find competitions on Blingee. Now, not so much. So the main purpose of this group is to find and help others find groups to join for both long-term and short-term competitions. We'll also have some of our own(:

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let me know if you've just been moved and want to switch groups. Monsters went into Selenators and Beliebers went into Glamberts.*

Once upon a time, it was really easy to find competitions on Blingee. 

Well... those days are gone. I know you'll all agree with me when i say that an active competition group is REALLY hard to come by these days.

Soo... in this group, we're going to help you find them. We'll also have smaller competitions of our own, give out additional prizes for those who win other competitions, and more. 

ONCE YOU JOIN THIS GROUP, JUST POST YOUR NAME IN ONE OF THE FORUMS (just not the one that says -The Group Forum-)

Once things get started, in each forum (which we'll call mini-groups), you'll be able to talk, as well as earn points for posting as much as possible to keep the group active, and there will be a small competition every week that you'll vote on the winner of. Then there will also be one larger message board post where everyone in the group can talk, and where everyone can post the open competition groups that they find.

Basically, it will be a lot of fun, and i'll make sure everything stays really active. 

1. Taylor (Xx_gir_geek_xX) [+1]
2. Bruna (bvcyrus) [+69]
3. Jess (jessAKAjessica) [+35]
4. Holly (pink542) [+13]
5. Jennifer (JJJ♥) [+6]
6. Dilman (twilightfan_97) [+1]
7. Arlete (arletevalicele) [+10]
1. Tara (lovely_tara) [+44]
2. Haley (rogueslayer17) [+10]
3. Hina (chiquegirlhina) [+19]
4. Lolys (pattinsonlov) [+14]
5. Alex (dotgirl25) [+1]
6. Lupy (lupyz11) [+2]
7. (boblisa00) [+4]
*your group name effects nothing but the celebrity that will be the group icon if your mini-group wins the group competition every other week!
((points updated February 4th))

HINA (chiquegirlhina) NEEDS JUDGES!
if any of you guys like Scene Blingees, judging competitions, or just want something fun to do on blingee, join this group and sign up to be a judge!(:

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