☪вεyσηđ тħε ħείģħтş ώσĻνεş☀

☪вεyσηđ тħε ħείģħтş ώσĻνεş☀

SPOILERS!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!! OUR MISSION: keep the world of Angel and Devil Wolves secret from the "real realm", while trying to defeat the Devil (Dark) realm. OUR FATE IS IN YOUR PAWS. JOIN. TODAY.

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"Where answers are found, death is hidden.
the chance of others, is not forbidden.
when reassurance is granted, so is regret.
beware, what lies in this forest, is more than a threat." -Anonymous 
   We Are the wolves of truth and lie,
of light and dark, 
of good and bad. 
  Our secrets are the key to our minds. 
The key to within. 
The key to our hearts. 
It decides whether we choose the path of golden sun-light, blue flowers, and clear, mid-blue skies. 
Or, we choose the path of flaming rage, dark, shadowed alley-ways, and the lingering thought of strolling through a barren, though gray and tattered nigh-mare. 
We make the decisions. 
We make the future. 
We make the Fate of what we are...of what we will be. 

The realms, forests, and other places! 

 O Angel Realm.                     O Dark Realm. 
                              O Mount.Lunarith
        O Crescent Path  O River Of Arkimith 
 O Unknown Land         O Unknown Land
      O Unknown Land  
                           O SilverMadder (River)
 O Unknown Land   O Unknown Land O Unknown Land
O Unknown Land O Unknown Land O Unknown Land
  O Unknown Land   O Unknown Land    O Unknown Land
     O The Arc Of Wind (bridge of land) 
                                   O Sunset's Desire (Land where the ground and sky meet) 
               O Oak Of 6 ( 6 trees that represent all the packs)  O Meadow Of Fate O Unknown Land
 O Unknown Land O Unknown Land O Unknown Land 
O Unknown Land O Unknown Land O Unknown Land O Unknown Land O Cliff Of The Risen O Reflectent Pool 
   O Ires Of January  
 -----this is only 1/5 of Half Point! :D---------
   Language Of The Beyond The Heights Wolves :D : 
 O After Dark: Fall Of The Sun 
 O After Light: Fall Of The Moon
 O Fall: Leave's Trail
 O Winter: Fall Of Stars
 O Spring: Cries Of Skies
 O Summer: Shine Of Light 
 ------More Meanings Coming Soon--------------
  The Packs: 
O Eclispe 
O River
O Mist
O Dawn  
O Lunar 
O Solar 
The Realms: 
O Angel Realm
O Devil Realm
O Earthelian Real (Earth L E-AN realm) 
    More Spoilers To Come! =''3   ↓ MAKE SURE TO:   
O join The Group  
O Read The Chapters (2 so far)!  
O Take The Quiz To See What Character U R!
O Vote for your fave. character! ↓ Links DOWN! ↓

 яεмεмвέя: Join Today By Commenting! 
Join Aplication: 

Name of wolf (1 word really...ex, Skyee (Sky), Tray, Amber, Flame, Artimis, Fawn, ect.: 
Age(REMEMBER, A wolves age is not the same as people's, so the oldest a wolf might be is...10-20-30 years estimated...): 
Eye color: 
Fur color(S): 
Any detailed affects that should be mentioned? (Scar across eye, Feather necklace across neck, Blue and Red marks around eyes, ect. : 
Pack you'd like to be in: *see spoilers*: 
What part in your pack would you like to forfill? (ex, Leader, Deputy, Queen, Elder, Ect. ): 
What realm ould you like to be apart of?: 
Anything Else?: 
-----Thank yew----------------------
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