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Hello and welcome to the second contest of our group^.^ This time the theme is "Type ice". But before you all make your posts, please read the rules:

1. It must be a Ice Type Pokemon on the blingee!
2. There shouldn't be humans on the Blingee or Pokemons with other types!
3. Type combinations such as ice/ghoust are ok.
4. The same rules apply as to Blingee!

Start Today
End: 02/14/15
Maximum Posts: 2

The winner Blingee will be the group Icon for two weeks or more. If you have a question, please ask me:D ☺Otherwise, I wish you all much fun and good luck☻
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1. Glaceon; http://bln.gs/b/28d6qo
2. Vanillite; http://bln.gs/b/28dh2t

Good luck and have fun, guys:D
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My entry:
1. http://bln.gs/b/28d7le
2. http://bln.gs/b/28dgwm
☺Good luck☻
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Here is my entry: http://bln.gs/b/28d948
Hope you guy's like it ;D
I wish you all much fun and good luck for this contest my friend's~<3 ^^
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I made a Glaceon too! =3
(I hope the link works)
Good luck people :)
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Now it's time for the voting round:D 


1. Don't vote for yourself!
2. Don't vote for someone just because he/she is your friend!

Max: 1
Start Today
End: 24/02/2015

◘ http://bln.gs/b/28d6qohttp://bln.gs/b/28dh2t

◘ http://bln.gs/b/28d948

◘ https://bln.gs/b/28den5

◘ http://bln.gs/b/28d7lehttp://bln.gs/b/28dgwm

☺I wish you all a lot of fun and good luck☻
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it's so hard to vote because everyone makes beautiful blingees but i vote for...
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Wow, all are amazing but...
I vote for FPZ's Froslass one:3 Good luck, everyone^.^
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I think i vote for FPZ Froslass too..It looks so beautiful!
Good luck people! \(^.^)/
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I really love all of your Blingee's>W<~<3 But I will vote for... Knoblauchbombe7:3
☺Good luck☻
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The winner is FunnyPrincessZelda's Froslass Blingee.
I hope you all had fun and will join the next time:3
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Will there be another Pokemon contest like this if so do you know when?

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