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  • Pokemon + Anime ♥Lovers♥

    Pokemon + Anime...

    65 Members

    If you love Pokemon and Anime then you should join this group!! ^^ anybody may join! =D

  • Final Fantasy,Kingdom Heart & Naruto world

    Final Fantasy,K...

    115 Members

    Place to share urs Final fantasy,Kingdom heart & Naruto blingee that you create

  • death note!!!

    death note!!!

    77 Members

    to all death note fans...or fangirls may join this group...on one shoul...

  • Anime e Manga fan!

    Anime e Manga fan!

    79 Members

    Amate gli anime e i manga??? Allora venite in questo gruppo!!!!!!

  • Default_group_image

    Anime Fan4ever

    1 Members

    Anime is the Best!



    660 Members

    the best anime eva NARUTO

  • Default_group_image

    Hanon Fans

    1 Members

    To all Hanon fans..

  • AnImE rUlEz !=]

    AnImE rUlEz !=]

    21 Members

    Hi my name is amy and I love all things that r anime. Isn't cool. o and my friend is be...

  • Default_group_image


    1 Members

    Chi è appassionato di manga/anime ? Chi sogna di andare anche solo una volta in Giappon...

  • anime lovers

    anime lovers

    8323 Members

    Any Anime Luvers is allowed =D



    133 Members

    For every anime fan like naruto,inuyasha,bleach,fma and others o and akatsuki fans come!!

  • Inuyasha


    442 Members

    A group for Inuyasha fanatics! Plz join, and welcome to the feudal era! Plz help make u...

  • Inuyasha 4 Ever!!!

    Inuyasha 4 Ever!!!

    171 Members

    An awesome group for Inu lovers! (Plz don't bring disputes!)

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