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  • She done already done had herses

    She done alread...

    2 Members


  • Disney Princess Group :)

    Disney Princess...

    13 Members

    Join this group if you like Disney Princesses! :) Enjoy your time here and adding any d...

  • Magical Girl Group^^

    Magical Girl Gr...

    7 Members

    Join if you like making magical girl anime related blingees! Talk about your favorite m...

  • Default_group_image

    Girly Girls Uni...

    1 Members

    The home for every girly girl!

  • Default_group_image

    Girly Girls <3

    1 Members

    Calling all girly girls... This is the perfect group for you!!! Here you can post image...

  • Default_group_image

    Girly Girl Grou...

    1 Members

    This group is no longer being used! Sorry for the inconvenience I do have a different c...

  • Pink and Purple

    Pink and Purple

    86 Members

    Do you love the colors PINK and PURPLE? Do you find yourself always making blingees th...

  • Emo / Scene Kid Forever

    Emo / Scene Kid...

    11 Members

    Every emo/scene kid should join this group!

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    fashion best fr...

    1 Members

    paillete flashie girly

  • fakes get deleted so We're undefeated ♥.

    fakes get delet...

    20 Members

    Join, if your sick of fakes, if your sick of being lied too, if your sick of being take...

  • Les collégiennes

    Les collégiennes

    3 Members

    Dans ce groupe on voit beaucoup de disney mais aussi des mangas,des fees,et aussi des a...

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    anything you fe...

    1 Members

    anyone can be on my group

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    Girl blingee's ...

    4 Members

    This is a place were girls can come and show off there girly blingee's

  • Default_group_image

    **Glitter group**

    1 Members

    For the glittery blingees :) so you can shine:)

  • The Pretty Committee

    The Pretty Comm...

    2 Members

    Hey all my babes from the Pretty Committee ❤Gracey❤ ❤Maddy❤ ❤Alli❤ Come and ...

  • ♥♥ Girly Club♥♥♥

    ♥♥ Girly Club♥♥♥

    19 Members

    hai bisogno di sfogarti o non hai la più pallida idea di cosa fare? iscriviti qui!! ded...

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    GiRliEs aRe Bet...

    1 Members

    only 4 girl!!!

  • Default_group_image

    girly girl club :D

    8 Members

    hay :) you can only join the group if you are a true girly girl :D OMG! I just broke ...

  • ~different~


    61 Members

    be who you are..emo, punk, gothic, girly, tomboy,and more be anything! boys and girls ...

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    A d.i.v.a is a female version of a hustla

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