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    Weeuukoo Wolves

    1 Members

    Heeeeyro, this Group is For Weuukoo Wolves Lovers. So if Your One Join this Group. Than...

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    Wolves of Forev...

    1 Members

    A wolf lovers' hangout and place to share our love of the proud animal!

  • Awesome Anime

    Awesome Anime

    17 Members

    this group is for any anime you want vocoliods, wolves,pokemon anything!

  • Wolves Of The Indian Tribe

    Wolves Of The I...

    13 Members

    Wolves Of The Indian Tribe allows you to meet new wolves and future mates.You will live...

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    link and okami

    4 Members

    need links wolf form now!!!!! okami-new-york-wolve link- none!!!!!! enter the world of...

  • Alexandria and Friends

    Alexandria and ...

    6 Members

    hey guys you can put any blingees in this group for Example:they can be one of my RP a...

  • Wolfies Are Awesome

    Wolfies Are Awe...

    13 Members

    this is a group for people who love wolves

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    Okami luvers!!!!!!

    7 Members

    if u love okami then come here and make a family of okami luvers!

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    foopets wolves rp

    1 Members

    create the best wolf blingee

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    ♥~dont we all l...

    59 Members

    yay this is my first group:D this for ur RP character friends EX.:balto,lion king,birds...

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    Anime Wolf

    1 Members

    Do You love Wolves?

  • Moonlight pack

    Moonlight pack

    1 Members

    Welcome!! Join if you'd like but if you do you need to be fierce

  • Shadows in the night

    Shadows in the ...

    1 Members

    Un gruppo per coloro che amano gli animali e tra questi il lupo.

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    1 Members

    WoLfPaCkXXX is just a friendly place where people who love wolves can hang out, and mak...

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    Wolf Lovers!

    1 Members

    This is a place for true wolf lovers! Come here and act as wolf like as you can! Show o...

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    dakota the husk...

    1 Members

    plz join! im dakota and really i need some one to step in to my life to help me find my...

  • Stop the killing - save the wolf!

    Stop the killin...

    5 Members

    Für alles die gegen das Töten von Wölfen sind! For everyone, who is against the kill...

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    Wölfe sind die ...

    1 Members

    hier sollen alle rein die wölfe mögen^^

  • Wolf fan group

    Wolf fan group

    9 Members

    Join if you LOVE wolves ONLY FOR WOLF LOVERS!! If you like lions please join a loin lo...

  • RPG Wolves

    RPG Wolves

    8 Members

    Here is a RolePlay Game..... u know what to do so go on RP!!!!! (wolves sorry i had to...

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