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Teen Wolf - Attention: I Need A Co Manager!!!
Eugeniusz Bodo a Polish "Fred Astaire"
Co- Moderatorin der Gruppe "Master of the Blingees"
Happy Birthday
~wнaт a wonderғυl carιcaтυre oғ ιnтιмacy~
Happy Birthday
As a FLOod of mit'e WAteRS ov'a FLOw'n shALL cast dOWN 2 da EARth wit da YOD
Selly[♥]•ßy мαfэя.coмэ gαllэtαs.jοиαs.williams.lavigne.lovato!
TayLoor![♥]•ßy мαfэя.coмэ gαllэtαs.williams.lavigne.lovato!
G.r.e.y.s.o.n.C.h.a.n.c.e[♥]•Hαckэd ßy мαfэя.coмэ gαllэtαs.jοиαs.williams.lavigne.lovato
>>I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth<<
I'll be your n u m b e r ~1~ with a bullet, a loaded God complex, cock it & pull it!<3