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**Best Friends Amy & Jenny(ino-yamanaka)**
True Friend Comes From Heart
*Best Friends* _-Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in thew sunshine-_
**Best Friends** _-True friends don't say í love you' They show it-_ For Animerox0323
SBF friend Blazingbloomers
Michael covered with mothing but L.O.V.E. from Susie Princess and Shy Shamone
Justin & His Best Friend Ryyan :]
★☆★♀♁(*ΪΪ~g~и~ѳ~r~ά~η~с~з їϧ yδur йєώ βεѕѕҭ~~FRIEND¹²³.☺☻☺♀♀♀
*Vanna Venom & Best Friend* **A Best Friend is Like a 4 Leaf Clover, Hard to Find and Lucky to Have**
Best Friends Are Your Siblings Connected At The Heart - Elarn03
Best Friend: Edward e Winry =)
If You Keep Walking Alone, You Will Fine The Person You Want To Call Your Best Friend - Elarn03