damon and elena

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damon and elena--->{Ôrîgïnâl ßlïngèe ßy mitikâmiley}
Damon and Elena
Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena-gold version
Happy valentine's day//damon and elena
Damon and Elena Mr and Mrs Salvatore
Damon and Elena-Just a dream...
Damon & Elena ♥ The only exception - Paramore
damon and elena  per  21♥LoVe♥29 {Ôrîgïnâl ßlïngèe ßy mitikâmiley}
"I had been waiting for your kiss for so long" {Damon&Eléna}
Damon and Elena summer time
"If two people are meant to be together eventually they'll find their way back" {Ian&Nina}
Damon and Elena. « Please make it stop! It hurts! »