damon and elena love

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Maybe if you and had met first..." {Damon&Elena}
Damon and Elena
Damon & Elena ~ ©cєcу94
* { Crash and fall into this night with me } * The Vampire Diaries love sucks * Delena Kiss ♥ *
Damon and Elena love forever!
Delena love story...
 ♥ Damon and Elena I love  ♥
{["Life is black and white until you fall in love"Vampire Diares season 4 by beatrice_andra
Elena and Damon: -Give me love like never before-
You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure and even a little danger
{["You want a Love that Consumes you.You want Passion and Adventure and even a little Danger"]}Damon&Elena by beatrice_andra
"I'm mad at you because I love you" {Damon&Eléna}