my lips are planted in the past

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In The Past
They soar high in the past.
♥ My Fiance and Me in the Mall ♥ 2 January 2011 ♥
I'm Not Ready For A New Year. I Have No Choice But To Live In The Past - Elarn03
♥ My Fiance and Me in the Mall drinking Latte Macchiato ♥ 17 October 2010 ♥ Happy Halloween ! ♥
K and J kissing in the rain
♥ My Fiance and Me in the mountains ♥ My Fiance is the BEST ♥
Ha! Ha!  u are in the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because you are created in the image of God by preciousbaby63
Roxas: The Past
classic-film-the women-in-the-window
mermaid in the bay