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(*ᏆᎾᏢ#10/51=Mother Day\Baby*)<ƴvǫŋąɭɭ>
♥··^v´¯`×)emO StYLe(×´¯`v^··♥
I look at you and I see an Angel!
[**ᏆᎾᏢ#10=Gothic**]<Ᏸẙ yvØИΑll>
Kellie Pickler
For Gto8 fondly - Led Zeppelin by Lena Sacchetto
Butterfly Surrounded By Dragons And Unicorns With Fairy Magic - Elarn03
10 Jahre Pokemon
{We can do anything we want"Daphne&Bay from Switched at Birth by beatrice_andra
 Sandra Bullock
Scottish Fold