you are my best sister

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bIA anD anDRe  bFs  siSTeR  fOr EvEr  alwAYS
best friends..-♥ for Ness
♥ My Sister Karo and Me ♥ Foto Album ♥
For my best friends!!
Biia and andre  sister por siiempre  ♥
National Sisters Week
" If you were a tree, I'd be the Earth. Clutching your roots, as you reach s k y w a r d " . . .♥
Me and my Schwesta` [sister♥] ♥ [Read Description!]
Demi Lovato in Red--For HotChica541
best friends.
Ałł тħe gıяłš šαч ıм ρяeттч fłч, føя α ωħıтe gυч ♥
Forever and Always <3