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Its me DestinyGusman1 & CrystalNightPack~ READ PLZZ:~ http://bln.gs/b/23o7n0 ~ ☆.☆ ッ ~ ~READ~ :] ALL Friends <33 http://bln.gs/b/25yfb0 ii added new charries on itt ^^ ~

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❤~✿ ~~~
My Lil Pony~

Name:Zelda ID: http://bln.gs/b/26jgja

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BrightDawnPack disse:

28 days atrás
Off nd on this account :P

a1eXa1022 disse:

41 days atrás
That's alright! I've been super busy too Cx I'm good! How have you been? c: 

bitani49 disse:

44 days atrás
Good luck at your meeting! I hate having meetings :T

I'm sure you will find out soon :) Its great to hear she's doing fine also >W< My clases are going pretty good, I just don't like the schedule since I have classes everywhere D,x Other than that its going fine lol

BrightDawnPack disse:

44 days atrás
Brb -_-' forgot I had a meeting

insane.carrot disse:

44 days atrás
Dew:*she giggled* You're usually the one thinking ahead though *she pawed at him*
Ryan:Hmm... we need to find a really snowy hill... *she looked around* 

insane.carrot disse:

44 days atrás
I am sorry for taking so long to respond! D:

Revenge:When I was little, it was just me and my sister. My parents disappeared and never came back. Since then, I have been used to being in very small groups and have been awkward in larger groups *he shrugged*
Vixen:That's good I assume *she laughed a little and continued to trot alongside him*
Epirus:Since we haven't seen each other in awhile, it's pretty much needed *he chuckled and nuzzled her head*
Airstrike:Yes we are! :D

bitani49 disse:

44 days atrás
Oh I see, well you still got time to think no? And if you're not sure, you can just start off by taking your general ed classes at first :) after all, you'll have to take them either way xD And that could give you time to think more of what you want to study :) Don't stress out over it, I'm sure you'll decide what's best of your interest C: So how you and your girlie doing?

Viceregent disse:

45 days atrás
Are you sure? You said she looked like another charrie of yours ^^ Well alright then, I'll make blingees of them when I have time 

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