Be Back Tomorrow~Alice

Might Our Diva Die???
"It might happen," said Carlisle Cullen, the girl vampires father. "When James bit her, his venom was stronger than ever. Even though he was after Caroline and Edward, he did that only to get to Brittany. She  might live, maybe not. It is going to be big for us all."

Brittany can't breath on her own. She has a breathing mask, more IV tubes attached to her, and all that crap.

It's difficult to see ou pop star like this. She's been through alot....

She can sing, but we have to edit her voice. She said no. She wants to be original. She doesn't care what people think of her voice, as long as she knows she did a good job, and she walks out of the studio with a smile on her face.

We love ya...Cute Lil' Britters....
Albums Coming
Candy-As Sweet As Candy
Alice-Tears Of A Vampire
Caroline and Edward-Happy Times
The Vampire Sisters and The High RollAs-Twilight
The Vampire Sisters and the High RollAs-New Moon
The Vampire Sisters and The High RollAs-Eclipse
The Vampire Sisters and The High RollAs-Breaking Dawn
Caroline Seville-I Miss You
Edward Seville-Here Without You
The Vampire Sisters-Never Ending Life
The Cullen Sisters-Sparkling Life
Brittany-We Belong Together

Movies Coming
Zachary Seville 1993-2009
The Seville Family
Twilight(Twilight Movies are From Stephanie Meyer)
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Chipettes-Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Alice, Anna, Christina, Natalie, Veronica

The Chipmunks-Alvin, Simon, Theodore

The Vampire Sisters-Brittany, Anna, Alice

Paramore-Ashley, JoAnn, Jessica

The Cullen Kids-Brittany, Anna, Veronica, Alice, Bella, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, AJ

The Cullen Family-Carlisle, Esme, Brittany

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khfan1012 disse:

3829 days atrás
hold on I thought DR said you were dead ace


DemonRecordS disse:

3847 days atrás
Hey babe.


simonseville2008 disse:

3858 days atrás
O.O oh my gosh! nice picz britt! ^^ and hiiii!!!

DemonRecordS disse:

3871 days atrás
Hey brittany its me DR...*gulps* I-I have some sad news...

...Ace...Ace is dead.

He took his own life after hearing that u choose alex...Why am I even botherin you with this? YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!!! YOU MADE THE KILLIN BLOW! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY WITH make me sick!


DemonRecordS disse:

3872 days atrás
idk alice...I think this time...I lost the REAL title...brittany.

plus part of it was that I cheated on her...and I saw her DA diary...I don't stand a chance...tell ed,caroline n be strong for their new dad alex. *tears up*


rainbowcheetos disse:

3873 days atrás
Hello Brittany!! Yeah i think your very creative!! thank you for your sweet comment!! your blingess are sooo cute :D

AwesomenessLexi disse:

3874 days atrás
Hey Britt =D

BrittTheRappe... disse:

3874 days atrás
my othr acount

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