Stuff about me

This won't be a "perfect" profile I can say that.

Hobbies:Playing animal games Ex: WolfQuest,FeralHeart,WolfHome,Wizard 101 (I get bored x_x)and ect.

Why I joined: Because I was bored...

Whats your style in editing?: Urhm..Not the most colorful, NO pretty princess here.

Will you be my friend?: No.. :3

Why am I asking myself these retarted questions?:I dunno...

Do you like Blingee?:Actually I do,i'm a creative type of person and I found this place one day. Then thats how i joined...

What could Blingee do to improve?: I think its great and all ,but I really wanna save it in my Pictures/Videos in my Computers folder,but I don't see how you can. Unless i'm dumb and i don't know how to do that.

The End.. :I

Also none of these questions were really about me, once you think about it O-o

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