Goodbye. You can find me at pícmix at HannahJulySlytherin

I want to update this staus one more time. I disagree strongly with the removal and limitations of the competitions. It seems as if the owner has turned blingee into a cash cow, encouraging people to spend more money to make challenges. This is a reason I've quit games, apps and services before; they've become too limited without actually spending. But picmix is completely free and offers the same basic service so I don't know. I never paid for blingee anyway but I loved the competitions and now the ones I enjoyed are gone, I just can't enjoy blingee anymore. I hope you understand I'm leaving because of these reasons, not for downvoting. It seems like we pitched in to save this site all those years ago to have the site restricted only a few years later. I just can't enjoy it anymore. It's not the same. It's like the Mario franchise without Mario or your favourite book without an ending - It's simply not satisfying for me. It's 10 years old, isn't that a reason to ADD things, not take away surely? Maybe it is outdated. I don't have a friend on my facebook who uses it. If the owner decides to change things back, I might consider using the site again but this happened a few years back, all this bull about closing and then it didn't happen all of a sudden. I really think some of these stunts are to gain supporters and money but ehh, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, right? Just for me, this is a massive punch in the customers and non-paying users face. Just to take our money and give us less of a service for it. In my personal opinion, WE should have been warned of this change BEFORE it happened or even better, be able to vote on it because this change is a massive screw over. 

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blauefee1976 disse:

12 days atrás
Mach mit und habe Spaß !
Join in and have fun!
Challenges »  Fantasy Horse


22 days atrás
Please don't go...

sisi080985 disse:

23 days atrás clik please five my etoile my blingee thank you my friend

1oooVoтeTнαnks disse:

42 days atrás 
+5***** great stamps

rainbowgyrl disse:

50 days atrás
AWESOME!! THANK YOU for joining

reby1234 disse:

56 days atrás
Best Wishes for the New Year!

Just sent you a gift :)

normaly217 disse:

59 days atrás
hola excelente tus ediciones

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