-I would rather die alive then die dead- think about it

Hi my name is actualy Elizabeth. I love the color black and started to love the coor red. I am 16 years old as of this summer and i hate the color pink. I love to wight poems and yes i do draw. Not only that i do stories and read... and absolutly love anime...
its my addiction =)


In a room
No light
You can't even see 
your owns hands
You hear a noise
You look to your left
You look to your right
You look infront
YOu look behind
You see no one
You soon discover that
you're all alone
There is no one there
to help
You are
Surrounded By Darkness


a picture i drew-http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/darkgirl292/it/10-14-07_1327.jpg

another thing is that i like to rp so i am setting my home page to my myspace rp account. IF YOU DON"T RP OR DON"T KNOW WHAT RP IS< DON"T ADD ME. that is all

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bbateman15 disse:

3851 days atrás
Thank you for the use of your stamp;


Yuna_Mist_Mat... disse:

3892 days atrás

LILI...97 disse:

4001 days atrás
your blingees is orrible!!

Carla_df disse:

4392 days atrás
hi!if you like anime and manga join to this group: http://blingee.com/group/1708-Anime-and-Manga-Fans-

belenrios disse:

4457 days atrás
If a fat guy grabs u 
And puts u in a bag, 
Don’t worry I told Santa 
I wanted u 4 Christmas!! 

*Send this to 10 people u care about
 Including me

hotstrike9 disse:

4485 days atrás
hey whats up

i really like your blingees and the poem u got 

itachisgirl disse:

4495 days atrás
Hey thanks!! Keep me posted cuz it sounds like fun!!

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