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    My husband and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on May 30th. I've known Michael for 16 years. We met just before Valentine's Day. My first gift from him was a small heart shaped box of candy. We got married four years later in the spring. Our theme for the wedding was Spring flowers. It was beautiful!


   Check it out, I got #6 on one of my Robin Williams blingees. That's sooo weird... since I just one the week before.

   I am so excited that I won the Red Carpet competition! I've never won any competion before; this is soooo cool yah, woo-hoo, alright! Thank you, thank you, thank you to eveybody that voted for me! I'm soooo excited!

   I chose Robin Williams for Red Carpet this week; hope you have fun; enjoy!

   I'm 39 and have 3 kids ages 11, 12,and 14. My boys are 11 and 12, my daughter is the teenager. My favorite site to go on is Flickr. As you can see a lot of my Blingees have personal pics that I have altered using Picnik on Flickr. I'm glad I found this site; it gives me a chance to keep on creating cool effects on my pictures. And ofcourse to meet new friends. Bling on....Kimberly

♥_♥___♥_ ♥_  Put this                 
♥___♥_♥___♥    heart
_♥_Michael  _♥_ on your
__♥ _____♥__  page if
___♥___♥___  you love
____♥_♥___Michael Jackson!!
_____♥ ____

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maddicomputes disse:

3195 days atrás
You have been one of the BEST of my 5 star friends! I miss you!

A little gift for you!

boblisa00 disse:

3296 days atrás

poetry101 disse:

3340 days atrás
Please come join my new group. In the group You will sign up for a particular celebrity (anyone that you want a singer, actor, actress, band, etc). Then each week you will be given a theme and must make a blingee for that theme using your celebrity.

If you do join please come to this forum and post what celebrity you want. There can be two with same person.

jcgellibert disse:

3351 days atrás
Hello my Kimberlynn!

poetry101 disse:

3356 days atrás
If you like making blingees of one of these female pop stars (christina aguilera, ke$ha, katy perry, or avril) come join this new group. YOu will choose a star and see who is on top.

sylviebing disse:

3429 days atrás

jcgellibert disse:

3467 days atrás
Hi Kimberlynn417

rareflower_ph... disse:

3487 days atrás
Wishing you a beautiful 2011!

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