Hey! That's me!

Hey! When I have time is expected to introduce shortly.

I am the 22 year old Yuna!
I live in Germany, a small town, which means Güstrow. (Because I am from Germany, my English is not the best xD)
I have two sisters. A sister, a brother. Both are older than me!
More personal data will not abandon me. If you want to know something, ask!
We come to my hobbies, I really do not have much ^ ^
I like to chat with my friends, is perfectly happy going out with my friends. I like going out with my treasure, which I love more than anything!
I also like anime and manga. Just as my love * _ *
But most important to me is my family.

Will you still know what? Ask me, I do not bite!

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ImAHappyGirl disse:

3737 days atrás
For u!

xXabFXx disse:

3819 days atrás
Ich bin nicht geiL maan. :D x33 
Ich Liebe dich auch x33 Freu mich wenn wir uns sehen.. ^^ ;D x3 

xXabFXx disse:

3822 days atrás
Uii. ♥
Bin ich ja bald. xDD 
Muahaha. <33 Ich mach bald die HompePage fertig. :'D <3 


xXabFXx disse:

3825 days atrás
Hallo Schatz. <3 
Danke für eintrag. ;** 
Ich Liebe dich so maaaan <3333 

iLdüafiue <3 ;* 

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