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Yaya I finally did my profile for this thing. Anyway just to let people know if they were coming here hoping for more Twilight, there won't be any more. I used to like it at one point thinking it was good (was in denial). It was hard for me to find a good vampire series and how that one was growing, I thought it had to be good.

To me it is just an insult to me for being a vampire fan and felt like it was flipping me the bird while reading it. I'm saying this in a nice manner and if others are respectful towards me about me hating it. The respect will be returned and I will keep the stuff up I've already uploaded for those who love Twilight. The only way I'll add more is if a friend asks me nicely to do so.

I do enjoy writing and role playing in my spare time as well as other things. I am a geek at heart with my comics, video games, and all of that fun stuff. I listen to a lot of music and my favorite band is Within temptation. I also love movies but I hate stupid teen comedies like American Pie.

I'm easy to get along with as long as I get respect and I'll return it. I would love talking to people and I am always looking for people to rp with as well.

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TekkenxXx disse:

3844 days atrás
Thank you ^_^
And have a great day!

TekkenxXx disse:

3845 days atrás
Hiya :) I am Izzy and I role play too ^_^ I also love video games and I am in love with your blingees *O* Is it OK if I join your circle?

P.S What is Poison Ivy? Is it a film, video game, series? Oh, and have a great day 8D

chevycc24 disse:

3969 days atrás
I love your Sailor Moon Blingees!!!!! :) And Within Temptation is great!!!! <3 

Lorenia3 disse:

4002 days atrás
hope you join my group

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