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Ich bin Deutsche spreche aber hier so Englisch!!

I'm German but I speak English here too.

█████████████████100000% Harry Potter

I hope you like my blingees. 
My English is not very good, I'm German and 13 years old, My hobbies are riding, reading and meeting friends. Please leave a commentare for me and rate my blingees. If you like leave a German commentare, I'm better in German than in English. I'm a veery big Harry Potter fan. I'm loving book and movie both. Gladly we can be friends!!

°°°°°°°I LOVE HARRY POTTER°°°°°°°°
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Ginny_99 disse:

2109 days atrás
Se ami Harry Potter come Piton ama Lyly, se sei rimasto con lui fin proprio alla fine allora,giovane mago,questo e il gruppo che fa per te!♥

If you love Harry Potter like Snape loves Lyly, if you stayed with him until the very end then, a young wizard, this is the group for you! ♥ -the-end-

dagmarb disse:

2675 days atrás
Menschen zu finden, die mit uns
fühlen und empfinden,
ist wohl das schönste Glück
auf Erden.
Autor:  Carl Spitteler
ich wünsche dir
ein schönes wochenende
liebe grüße

lua17 disse:

2675 days atrás
Hi! if you're a lover of Harry Potter and the two main characters Harry and Draco and would like their fights never end then come and visit the group Harry Potter VS Draco Malfoy! Has undergone many changes including the opening of a topic in which you can find which team you belong, just answer some questions, it's fast, if you're curious, then click the link below and take the test!
PS: We try to revive this group.Help us with your participation :)

-my-love- disse:

2689 days atrás
melo faresti un piccolo piacere....??
vai su qst blingee....... 
leggi la descrizione........
poi se ti piace il blingee lo puoi pure votare.........
in cambio qualsiasi cs tu mi dica

blinker1968 disse:

2730 days atrás
to become member of my group

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