Patti Dail

I am not new to Blingee and am really enjoying it! I'd like to hook up with people here who enjoy the same thing as me! Please everyone, vote for the creativity of the Blingee.

4/21/16 :
I have been quite ill myself and I apologize if I can't always rate or comment. I won't go into long details. I suffer chronic pain, am disabled! I am losing my mobility, and will be getting a scooter! 
I am also having computer problems. The "script" thingy keeps stopping which keeps me from commenting too much, or my computer crashes! 

My computer has been down for 2 days! That is why I have not been around. Plus having health issues! I will be back a little later! Have a wonderful day!

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I.M.S.T. disse:

25 days atrás
Thank you friend for your friendship

2Cool4Me disse:

68 days atrás
hope you are feeling better my friend, i do understand about computer problems.   i stopped doing blingee for awhile because of all the problems.   but i figured it out for a while, hopefully i can be on longer.   Hope you get to feeling better my friend.  

Miry♥ disse:

76 days atrás
For you, my friend!
I apologize for my long absence, but we have suffered a serious flaw in the Internet system throughout the Province where I live and that has had us off-line for a week or so. I hope that everything has been definitively resolved. Thanks and a thousand apologies!Kisses, Miry ... Sept 5th, 2017

I.M.S.T. disse:

80 days atrás
With affection for you. Thanks for your friendship

I.M.S.T. disse:

123 days atrás
Happy friendship Day. To my friends with affection

Бинги disse:

187 days atrás
The reorganization of the group of "Shrek".
Please, what do you think about this?

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