Hi! It's Stephanie again! I deleted my previous account because of a stamp I uploaded on my last account was inappropriate. So a little about myself. I'm a 27 year old female that's friendly and outgoing. I love to sing and help others out! I respect animals and despise hunting deer and them! I want the world to become a beautiful place to live!

Name: Stephanie

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Florida 

Birthdate: August 28th 1992

Zodiac: Virgo

Favorite things: Pennywise the Dancing Clown, my cousin, Charlie, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Frozen 1 and 2.


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prettyboy209 disse:

3 days atrás
i do not think he is the best man on earth i just like his ways in politics but all politicians are dishonest in some way Trump included i know that.. i will just leave it at that

prettyboy209 disse:

3 days atrás
see but you just called him a trash can that was nice

prettyboy209 disse:

4 days atrás
The Demtards are horrible intellectually crippled freeloaders.. god help us if they get anymore power. Demtards ruin everything. Go 

passionpussycat disse:

15 days atrás
my hand is feeling a tiny bit better!!:) I left a message you for your cousin Charlies Birthday on the birthday countdown Blingee you made for him!!
Well my pain meds are making me sleepy so I better go I will talk to you tomorrow if your on!
Nighty-Nite Bestie :)

passionpussycat disse:

15 days atrás
Hi Sweetie....How are you doing? I know we haven`t talk for a week or so:(It`s been so crazy around here...How are you  holding out during lockdown? I am about to loose my mind..(LOL) Oh I heard another great bit of info our Govenor is thinking about putting us back to phase 1 again and were at phase 4 now just one more phase left to go and hopefully we would have been at 5 by hopefully December.Lord I hope he doesn`t...……...cont

passionpussycat disse:

41 days atrás
Hi Sweetie....Did you get my message about your email addy? Can you please send it to my profile page? I wrote it down along time an I can`t find it now?

Thanks Much Hon:)

Bebebonbon disse:

42 days atrás
Happy Independence day my friend!
Have a wonderful weekend!
..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥
XXOO, Karey.

passionpussycat disse:

43 days atrás
A Gift For You Sweetie :)


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