All we need is Love (Holy Love!)

Striving to live in Holy Love according to the two gratest commandments: "Love God above all else and neighbour as yourself". Love Jesus and Mary who appear to teach and instruct us even today:

Languages: English and Russian. 

I am PROLIFE, which means recognising the truth that human life begins at conception, that an unborn baby is already a human being and cannot be killed by any means - be it abortion, a morning after pill or even contraceptives which are abortifacient (if they fail to prevent conception they disturb the womb environment for the baby so that he/she is spontaneously aborted). Contraceptives which are abortifacient: all contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, hormonal injections. Contraception paves the way for abortion because it puts people in the irresponsible frame of mind regarding sexual relations. I am for NATURAL family planning, which works wonder, ask me if you want to know more, or search internet for NatPro Technology (Creighton model). 

I also oppose any attempts to redefine marriage as it has been ordained by God from the beginning to be between one man and one woman. That means I respect persons with homosexual inclinations but I believe every human being is capable to channel their desires according to the will of God - for which they need to ask God for help and it will be given, as testimonies and evidence suggests. Not asking God for help does not exempt one from the necessity to do so. 

I extend to every person on this site and particularly to you reading this now: the complete blessing of the United Hearts (Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Mary), the Baptism of Truth, the anointment of St.Michael and St.Joseph's Fatherly blessing. Mary, Refuge of Holy Love and Protectress of Faith, come to our aid!

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mitzi26 disse:

47 days atrás
               SCRAPLAND MEMO

strgun disse:

87 days atrás
Sorry, it's supposed to say: John 3:16!

strgun disse:

87 days atrás

Laureannesophie disse:

87 days atrás
 Schöne Ostertage! Angelika
Wird es nun bald Ostern sein?
Kommt hervor, ihr Blümelein,
komm hervor, du grünes Gras
komm herbei, du Osterhas!
Komm doch bald und fehl mir nicht,
bring auch deine Eier mit.

mitzi26 disse:

112 days atrás




Laureannesophie disse:

122 days atrás
Ein kleiner Gruß zum
Frauentag♥Woman's Day

campertraveler disse:

140 days atrás
Please come and join my  group.
Lighthouse, sea, mermaid group.
For those who love lighthouses, mermaids, ships, fish.
Every month we have a challenge Frame and Stamp.
We are an active group
LG Willeke

Laureannesophie disse:

145 days atrás
Einen wunderschönen Valentinstag!
Happy St. Valentine's Day
Bonne St. Valentin
Feliz Dia de San Valentin
честит ден на валентинките
с днем ​​святого валентина
szczęśliwych walentynek
Fijne Valentijnsdag

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