Aye Aye, Cap'n Chosokabe

Yeah hey, my name's Daniel or Dan whatever you wanna call me dont care. Um have no idea why I'm on here some friends invited me here said they had lots of anime groups and whatever. Yes I like anime and playing video games. I'll be on from time to time.

Here is the anime I like and watch

Devil May cry
Sengoku Basara
Death Note
Big O
Wolf's Rain
Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo

Video games I play
Final Fantasy 
Kingdom Hearts
Sengoku Basara
Devil May Cry
Gears of war
Silent Hill
Resident evil
Dead or Alive
Soud Calibur
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat
Assassin's Creed

I am a HUGE fan of the DMC series

Dante and Motochika FTW!

Trish,Kitana and Kasuga = Sexiest women ever >:D

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BlackAssassin... disse:

2517 days atrás
Gamers Unite:
The winners of the Summer Contest have been chosen!

Thanks to all those who joined!
Prizes will be handed out tomorrow 

BlackAssassin... disse:

2524 days atrás
There is a new Contest in the Gamers Unite group come and check it out!

Do you want to be notified about new Contests? Then check out the "Mailing List"

BlackAssassin... disse:

2559 days atrás
The Winners of the Hero Contest!

1st Place: ChibiJenova - http://bln.gs/b/2585g0
2nd Place: Spiderlily92 - http://bln.gs/b/258dfn
3rd Place: SeaDevil - http://bln.gs/b/24mt30

Thanks for partipating! 

LunarianRaven disse:

2576 days atrás
Yeah, it was awesome! The only thing I wish was that they'd use more of the new characters from SB3 you only see Yoshiaki, Haruhisa,Yoshishige,Hirotsuna for like a minuet lol. Of course Mitsunari & Yoshistugu, Ieyasu all grown up & Mideaki & Tenkai that's it. >_< http://www.animehere.com/anime/sengoku-basara-the-last-party-2011.html 

BlackAssassin... disse:

2649 days atrás

BlackAssassin... disse:

2664 days atrás
The Votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen by you They are:

1st Place goes to

2nd Place goes to

3rd Place goes to

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